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What are the most common pests in the spring?

Identifying Common Pests During Spring in the Midwest Rose Pest Solutions Offers Effective Pest Control in Spring Our pest control experts provide quality services to keep your home bug-free in the spring. With temperatures rising and the sun shining, pests emerge from their winter hibernation to return to our yards and homes. Enjoy the spring […]

Got Termites or Ants? This is the how, why and what.

Got Termites or Ants? It’s Pest Management Awareness Month! Why? Because it’s warming up outside and all the bugs are crawling out of the woodwork!! Rose Pest Solutions has teamed up with our friends at the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) to talk about spring time pests and what kind of bugs we can anticipate throughout the summer. According […]

Rose Pest Solutions Spring Pest Gazette 2020

Brought to you by Rose Pest Solutions   Don’t Invite these Carpenters into Your Home: Carpenter Ants Flowers are springing from the ground and ants have started trailing around your home- spring has arrived! Ants currently hold the prized #1 position as far as top nuisance spring pests go in the United States. Thus, it […]