If you’ve been a friend of Rose or a customer for any amount of time you know there are few things we treasure more than small businesses, good causes and pollinators. That’s why we’re proud to announce you can catch Rose Pest Solutions at the Plants for Pollinators Garden Sale at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum.

Sponsored by Rose Pest Solutions, the Plants for Pollinators Garden Sale is your chance to “create a beautiful garden alive with the fluttering and buzzing of butterflies and bees” while also creating much needed sustenance for nature’s most misunderstood creatures. You get to choose from a wide variety of plants from colorful annuals to hearty perennials that will liven your garden or brighten your balcony while also doing some good in the process.

The latest in a series of Rose Pest events includes sales of both perennials and annuals. Here’s a small selection of some of the perennials that are available during the Garden Sale. Demand for these gorgeous buds is high, so some might not be available when you’re ordering. Click the image to order!


If you’re interested in annuals instead of Perennials, here’s a small selection of what’s available. Again, demand is extremely high so some of the flowers might already be sold out. Click on the image to order!


If you’re interested in purchasing plants, they can be pre-ordered through the Nature Museum from now until April 30th (for a discount!) with a pickup on either May 13th or May 14th (just in time for Mother’s Day!). The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum horticulturist will be available on pick up days to answer any questions you might have about the plants that have been purchased.

It’s also worth noting that Zippy–the famous Rose Pest bee mascot–will be buzzing around the Peggy Notebaert Museum on both May 6th and May 13th to help with with the Plants for Pollinators Sale and local plant pickups. He’s going to be accompanied by Hector Duarte, a renowned muralist and monarch butterfly activist on May 6th on the floor to interact with museum guests. On May 13th, Zippy will be greeting everyone with a special Mother’s Day surprise! Stop by and meet everyone from the team!

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