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The Bug Girls Are Making Moves

Women in Science: The Bug Girls Although women make up nearly half of the workforce, less than 30% of the world’s researchers are women. By encouraging girls to pursue STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) we can change those statistics. For those of you that may not know us- we are The Bug Girls of […]

7 Pollinators That You Should Know

7 Pollinators That You Should Know June 21st-27th is National Pollinator Health Awareness Week! Join us in celebration as we talk about some of our favorite pollinators. If you’re one of our subscribers it’s no surprise to you that Rose Pest Solutions is team pollinators! As professionals, our main focus is protecting the health of […]

How to Plant a Pollinator Garden

How to Plant a Pollinator Garden Spring is here! And the second week of May is wildflower week. Bring on the butterflies and pollen-covered bumblebee butts! Whether you have a gigantic courtyard or a small balcony of planters, you can create a space to help pollinators. The Bug Girls at Rose Pest Solutions looooooooove pollinators […]

The Differences Between Bees and Wasps

Summer is finally here! As you spend time celebrating graduations and enjoying barbecues, be mindful of uninvited pests lurking in your yard. No, we’re not talking about that weird neighbor that shows up uninvited. We’re talking about stinging pests: bees, wasps, and hornets. If you tuned into the Summer Pest Gazette last month, then you already received […]