Pests are a nuisance, plain and simple. We’ve made it easier than ever to protect your home, your family and your sanity with an updated and easier to understand version of our Healthy Home Maintenance Program (HHMP). Read on to learn more about the HHMP, and then get protected with the Healthy Home Maintenance Program today! 


The Healthy Home Maintenance Program (HHMP), our most popular residential pest service, is the gold standard in home pest protection and prevention. This ultimate protection package involves four scheduled visits, once every three months, to insure you have the peace of mind and safety that comes from a pest free home. We stand by our services and their 24/7/365 protection 100%, so we’ll take care of issues that pop up in between scheduled visits at absolutely no cost to you. That’s right, we’ll come back out for free.


In the past, our maintenance program was three-tiered with different levels of service based on the types of pest coverage. If we’re being completely honest, it was a bit confusing, so we decided to simplify the entire process with the new Healthy Home Maintenance Program that simplifies everything with a single tier that covers most of the pests you’ll encounter on a daily basis. The certified Rose Pest Solutions professionals that will visit you once every three months are the same. The quality of service is unchanged. Most importantly, it’s still backed by our 100% guarantee. Our #1 priority has always been customer satisfaction when it comes to our services, so we wanted to make keep your home pest free even easier and much less confusing. 


HHMP covers just about everything, and it’s here just in time to catch overwintering pests! Have an ant problem that you just noticed? We got it. Hornets make a nest in your doorway? Call us! It covers even more pests than we previously did, and we’ve got a super easy to read list right here. When you sign up for HHMP, you’re covered for any and all of the following pests:

The poster of Healthy Home Maintenance Pest covers


There are a few pests that aren’t covered by the HHMP because they require specialty services. Termites, for instance, are treated with the use of the Sentricon Colony Elimination System, Dow Agro Science’s completely green termite solution. Getting a specialized treatment just for termites is great, but we also Healthy Home Maintenance Program Plus (HHMP+), which is our regular HHMP service bundled with the Sentricon treatment to save you time, money and hassle. 


Signing up for Healthy Home Maintenance Program is easier than ever. Call us at (800)GOT-PESTS to chat about the plan that can protect you year-round!

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