Planning on attending the Chicago Flower and Garden Show at Navy Pier? If so, stop by the cafe area to see our tree! It’s 5 and a half feet tall, super colorful, and it has pollinators all over it!!

chicago flower and garden show

March 12-20, 2016


Parade of Trees

Rose partnered with Kohl Children’s Museum of Glenview in the creation of Parade of Trees to be exhibited in the cafe area of the Chicago Flower & Garden show at Navy Pier from March 12th through 20th. From there, the tree will be displayed in The Glen and other locations on the North Shore through October. KCM is celebrating its 30th Anniversay and the Parade of Trees creation is one of the most exciting pieces to be debuted this year. Rose is honored to collaborate and participate in this project!

And I was so delighted and honored to be the artist that painted Rose’s tree! I wanted to share with you how the design came about and show you some pictures as it all came together. 🙂

Rose Pest Solutions and Kohl Children’s Museum have similar missions to engage, educate and empower while maintaining environmental consciousness. Deciding on a message and youthful-appealing design for our tree came so naturally: Pollinators!!



Pollinator Health Awareness

Do you remember some of our Pollinator Health Awareness efforts from last year? Well, this year, our efforts to share ideas with folks about what they can do, even on an urban level, to help protect the health of our pollinators continues. Using this tree, I wanted to show viewers all the different types of pollinators that exist to help our plants grow. Not many people realize that bats, moths, and even beetles are pollinators! TThey’re just as important as honeybees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. So one side of this tree (which was almost as tall as me!) became night time. The other became daytime. And I started painting all of the pollinators. Check it out.

IMG_20160212_110929.jpg 20160227_113429.jpg

20160227_153021.jpg20160228_105605.jpg 20160224_125731.jpg20160227_153043.jpg


The bottom says “Protect our Pollinators Night And Day <3”. These photos don’t do the colors justice! If you see it at the Chicago Flower & Garden Show, you’ll have to snap a selfie with it and share it on our Facebook page! Help spread the pollinator love!


**UPDATE 3/15/16**

Check it out! Here are all the trees at the show!


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