I love spring, it’s one of my favorite times of the year…until I remember that I have allergies. Feeling like your eyes may never stop watering, while attempting to sniff-away the itch in your throat can quickly put a damper on the fresh outdoors. But what if your allergen problem is inside your home? And it’s cockroaches. Read on for information on how these pests can cost you your health and what you can do to prevent them.Did you know that Rose Pest Solutions offers pest identification services? Seriously, catch your bug and bring it to us and we will help identify it. 

pictured below: German cockroaches at different ages

But, How?

Cockroaches are known to fuel allergy symptoms, especially in children, through the allergens found in their saliva and droppings. These pests love warm, moist areas, so the spring is an ideal time for homeowners to take the time to cockroach-proof their homes and, in turn, help reduce potential household allergy triggers for themselves and their families.

Cockroach Prevention Tips

While spring cleaning, homeowners should take note of the following cockroach prevention tips from the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) this spring:

  • Keep the home-especially the kitchen and bathrooms- free of crumbs and debris
  • Disinfect counters and food surfaces
  • Do not let dirty dishes pile up in the sink- the food leftovers attract cockroaches looking to feed
  • Take out trash frequently and store it in a sealed receptacle
  • Transfer open boxed food items from cardboard into sturdy, sealed containers
  • Throw away foods that have passes their expiration dates
  • Keep pet food in a sealed container and wash pet bowls frequently
  • Vacuum at least once a week using a vacuum with a HEPA filter
  • Dust hard surfaces frequently with a dust rag or damp cloth
  • Maintain the humidity level in the house at about 50% by properly ventilating basements an crawl spaces; consider running a dehumidifier to prevent moisture build up

As a good rule of thumb, be sure to keep homes as clean as possible since cockroaches love filthy environments. But if these pests do find their way into your home, controlling them is best left to the professionals. With a program like Rose’s Healthy Home Maintenance Program, you receive protection from cockroaches and all the other insects listed below. If you have any signs of pests throughout the year we will come and address the problem free of charge. Cockroaches breed quickly, meaning signs of cockroaches one day could quickly turn into an infestation. Remember, Rose Pest Solutions is just a call away. 800-GOT-PESTS.

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