Rose Pest Solutions is honored to be part of the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum’s second exhibit in a series on climate change, Our House. This interactive exhibit speaks to all walks of life of all ages and shows how climate change and our homes are forever connected.

The pest management industry uses this science everyday to understand pest pressures. Our homes are built to protect us from the elements, but now some are affecting the elements. The exhibit includes an oversized house made out of different sensory-building materials, informational pods, interactive touch screen games, and the museum’s own documented specimens. It’s fun and educational for everyone, but don’t just take our word for it. Here are all the things to do in Our House direct from the Nature Museum:

  • Explore a giant wood block house filled with interactive activities
  • Walk into a backyard and learn about the animals that inhabit our yards and neighborhoods
  • Learn how we can tell climate change is occurring
  • Investigate new building materials and methods
  • Solve climate change challenges facing our homes like flooding, hurricanes, drought, wildfire, and snow
  • Build homes equipped to withstand extreme weather events, reduce our environmental impact, and support natural habitats
  • Learn ways we can support natural habitat for our non-human neighbors
  • Watch a landscape transform as a settlement changes the natural environment over time
  • Manipulate the main CO2 causes found in our homes: power, materials, HVAC, and wate
  • Contribute to an ever-growing community art project

The exhibit is now open to the public, so head to the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum to check it out!

Still wondering what’s in store for you when you get there? Our Marketing Director and the Marketing Director of @Properties (our co-sponsor) had a chance to participate in the ribbon cutting ceremony for the exhibit, so check out our pictures of everything that awaits you below:

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