It is looking like fall is here to stay. Dare I say, finally. Here in the Midwest, we know that the seasons change from day to day. Changes in weather lend a hand in knowing what pests to expect. As temperatures drop, we start staying inside more, cozying up with comfort foods. And guess what…bugs and rodents are trying to do the same thing.Here in Illinois, we’ve experienced a lot of excess rain this summer from Hurricane Michael and Hurricane Florence. In addition to the damage the hurricanes reeked on shorelines, the storms were vicious enough to leave many inland with some serious flooding. And where you have flooding, you typically find insects ranging from centipedes and millipedes to more damaging termites and wood destroying ants.


“Flooding” is one of the big F-words of home-owning. If you’ve never had to frantically pull out every bucket, garbage and pan to catch drips from a leaking roof or angrily rush wet cardboard boxes up the stairs from a flooding basement, you may not fully understand how easily preventative measures can be overlooked. This is why Rose Pest Solutions reminds you to keep pest prevention in mind as the storm clears and you inspect for insect activity and damage.

After a storm it is important to take a walk around your house to see if there’s any damage that needs to be cleared or tended to. The gutters and pipes of your home are specifically designed to deter water damage, so any signs of pooling water should always be investigated. Standing water is an ideal breeding zone for many insects like wasps, carpenter ants and biting insects, too.

*Pop Quiz: What pest only requires a pop-bottle cap of water to reproduce?

(answer in the below info-graphic)


*Answer: MOSQUITO!

If you said mosquito, mosquitos or mosquitoes, you are correct! Although they don’t get their own glamours week of dedication on the Discovery Channel, mosquitos are known as the deadliest animals on Earth. So watch out Illinois and Michigan, although it’s getting cooler, it’s still important to make sure that you are protected when spending time outdoors. Be sure to apply insect repellent with DEET which will aid in protecting not only from ticks and fleas but also mosquito bites. 

Do your part to get rid of mosquitos and keep mosquito-carried diseases from spreading. You can help keep the mosquito population down by removing pools of water around your home: treat ponds and pools, frequently change bird baths, and repair any leaking gutters. Rose Pest Solutions offers a mosquito treatment program for your home that will leave you enjoying time in your yard. 

Termite Damage

As if mosquitos and mold weren’t enough to encourage prevention, how about termites? Another pest that commonly seeks water damaged resources is termites. Termites will eat any cellulose material and need to be near a water source to survive, making water-damaged wood an all-you-can-eat dream for the destructive beasts. Make sure your home and business are protected from the financial burden that termites can cause. Rose Pest Solutions offers a Healthy Home Maintenance Plus Sentricon program that protects your home 365 days a year from termites and 16 other common household pests.

Below are pictures of termite damage along a window sill. The resident of the home noticed what appeared to be water marks under the sill,. Upon closer investigation the softness of the wood was revealed and the ledge came off with little effort, revealing the termites mud tubes.

rose pest solutions termite mudtubesTo learn more about some other creepy crawlers that might be lurking in your gutters and walls this fall click the button below for our free downloadable Fall 2018 Pest Gazette


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