Does Keeping Your House Cold Keep Bugs Out in the Midwest

Rose Pest Solutions Keep Bugs Out of the House in the Midwest

Keep Bugs Out

Our expert team at Rose Pest Solutions is here to provide insight into effective pest prevention and solutions. Insects and other pests are drawn to homes for food, shelter, and water. Maintaining a clean home can help eliminate attractants for pests, but it may not be enough to keep them out completely. Your home provides warmth and shelter that attracts bugs during the cold winter. Keeping your house at a low temperature might attract fewer bugs, but it’s an impractical and unnecessary solution to the problem. Our team of pest professionals can keep your home bug-free all year long.

What Happens to Bugs When It Gets Cold?

You may notice that a large number of bugs disappear in the winter, only to reappear when spring comes. Despite popular belief, most bugs don’t die off in the cold. Although extreme cold temperatures can impact the overall insect population, most survive the winter chill. Leaf piles, loose tree bark, and mulch can all act as shelters to keep bugs warm. Some invasive bugs work their way into the walls of your house through small cracks, joints, or edges to hibernate. Most insects become dormant in winter and resurface in the spring when temperatures rise.

What Kinds of Pests Survive in the Winter?

All bugs have a certain level of cold tolerance they can handle, and most find ways to shelter or hibernate from the cold during the winter months. Many bugs overwinter in protected locations, both in nature and buildings. Some bugs, such as bed bugs, can slow their cells to survive extreme freezing temperatures. Insects have many strategies for surviving during the winter, such as burrowing underground, sheltering under leaf litter or tree bark, and hibernating through the cold season. These are the pests we find most frequently trying to overwinter in the comforts of your wall voids:

  • Boxelder bugs
  • Stink bugs
  • Asian beetles
  • Cluster flies
  • Rodents

How to Keep Bugs Out of the House

Professional pest control and prevention services are the best way to keep pests out of your home. Treating your home for bugs in the summer when the bug population is at its peak will drastically reduce pests entering your home during the fall and winter. Our pest control experts will create bug barriers to prevent pests from invading your home. Adding preventative measures at key entryways, such as weather stripping and door sweeps, will help keep bugs from crawling through the cracks. Be sure to repair holes and gaps in drywall or caulking where bugs can get through.

Do I Need Pest Control Services During the Winter?

Even though many pests go dormant during the winter, it’s essential to utilize preventative care to keep them out of your home. Our company takes a proactive approach to pest control rather than a reactive one. We provide pest control services for each season, even if no pests are present. This helps you maintain a proper barrier to keep pests from coming inside. Because most insects become active again at the start of spring, you’ll want to be prepared with a preventative plan. Our treatments eliminate existing problems and prevent future pest problems from arising.

How To Pest-Proof Your Home for the Winter

Deny pesky pests access to your home. Rose Pest Solutions’ seasonal pest prevention services provide one of the best ways to keep bugs out during the winter. We’ll use safe and sustainable products with effective pest control solutions to protect your home. Our services will create a pest barrier to keep bugs out of your home. Other ways to keep pests out of your home during the winter include the following:

  • Keep your kitchen clean
  • Seal entry points
  • Clear away clutter
  • Fix leaky faucets
  • Unclog your gutters
  • Call the experts

Preventing Pests With an Effective Treatment Plan

Our team of pest control professionals and technicians have the experience, knowledge, and expertise to keep your home pest-free all year. Our personalized pest control solutions are safe, effective, and environmentally friendly. We’ll develop a customized plan for your home, including inspections, evaluations, and home visits every season. Experience a healthier, pest-free home with our proactive preventative care. Our services will help you stop pests before they become a problem. We offer careful, conscientious, and professional pest control solutions using the latest cutting-edge technology and environmentally friendly methodology. Keep your homes and businesses free of insects, spiders, and other unwanted pests.

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