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Summer Stingers to Watch Out for This Season

Before we learn how to get rid of wasps and keep them away, we’re giving you a quick tutorial on which stinging insects to look out for this season. We love honeybees, so it’s important to know exactly what species we’re dealing with before properly addressing a pest problem.

Bald Faced Hornets

Bald faced hornets are not true hornets. They’re a type of wasp that builds basketball-sized nests in trees. They’re white and black, very aggressive, and can sting over and over, so don’t go near one of these nests or throw anything at one because you will regret every second of their revenge.

bald faced hornet

Yellow Jackets

Yellow jackets love open drinks during summer months. But they’ll go after your raw meat when you’re trying to grill in the yard, too. These guys are smooth, unlike our lovely honey bee friends who are fuzzy and cute. Yellow jackets like to establish nests in attic spaces, garages, and you’ll see them zoom in and out of tiny holes and crevices as they come and go, hunting for insect prey. These stinging insects sting repeatedly and are not nice. Beware.

yellow jacket wasp


Paper Wasps

Paper wasps are notorious for their quick ability to build paper mache nests under eaves, soffits, shutters, and high pitched roofs. They are usually a darker brownish-yellow color and are not as striking as yellow jackets. They prey on other insects and their stings hurt pretty bad.

paper wasp


How to get rid of wasps and keep them away

Wasps are very aggressive and are capable of stinging over and over, which is totally different from our beloved honeybees who can sting only once before dying. This being said, if you have kids or pets, or allergic adults who like to spend time in your yard, you have to be diligent on preventing a stinging insect invasion.

Quick tips to avoid attracting wasps

  • No open beverages! Wasps love beer, sugary drinks (including wine) and will sniff them out from afar.
  • Put a lid on your raw meats while grilling. Wasps love raw meat and will prey on fresh dead animals or your delicious steaks.
  • Keep food like fruits or salads cover while eating doors or hosting a party.
  • Cover trash receptacles with tight lids.
  • Consider a professional stinging insect prevention service.

One-Time Nest Removal

Wasps are capable of building nests so quickly, they’ll pop up overnight sometimes on your eaves, in your attic or in trees on your property. If you see a nest, do not go near it, throw anything at it, or disturb the wasps. It can backfire faster than you know. A professional can safely treat the nest in question and remove it for you with our one-time nest removal service.

Annual Wasp Prevention

Stinging insects are attracted to certain common structures, like slotted window shutters and eaves, attic peaks and high pitched soffits. Certain houses are prone to paper wasp nest activity every year because of these features. If you’ve dealt with persistent stinging insect issues over the years, you’re a perfect candidate for our most popular residential service. As a Healthy Home Maintenance Program customer, we will constantly monitor the exterior of your home and treat specific areas prone to activity to prevent an infestation before it happens. No matter what the case, we promise peace of mind with our annual protection!

How we help protect our pollinators

Cornflower and honey bee in beautiful sunset against the dusk

For us, managing pests is about the balance of nature and our human impact. We spend a lot of time in the communities we serve teaching all walks of life about the importance of honeybees, butterflies, and dozens of other native pollinators. The Bug Girls have been busy this year visiting day cares, schools and summer camps galore to educate kids about all kinds of insects that are important to our ecosystem.

Munster Parks & Recreation Summer Camp


Tiny Tots Academy Inc. 2


Bug Girls visit Highland's Best After School Summer Camp

Highland’s Best After School Summer Camp

To request a Bug Girl visit for your summer camp, day care or school, please contact us!

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