how to plant a pollinator garden

How to Plant a Pollinator Garden

Spring is here! And the second week of May is wildflower week. Bring on the butterflies and pollen-covered bumblebee butts! Whether you have a gigantic courtyard or a small balcony of planters, you can create a space to help pollinators. The Bug Girls at Rose Pest Solutions looooooooove pollinators and nothing makes us happier than sharing our love with our community and working together to support our pollinating friends. By the time you finish reading this you will know how to plant a pollinator garden.

What Makes a Good Pollinator Garden

The pollinator family extends further than just bees and butterflies. Hummingbirds, beetles, ants and even bats are pollinators. The wider the variety of flowers in your garden, the wider the range of visitors you will attract. However, planting flowers native to your area is a key factor of supporting your native pollinators. Below are some common native flowers that will strongly support your very own pollinator haven. Click on their names for more information.

Black Eyed Susan flower from Rose Pest Solutions Smooth Blue Aster flower from Rose Pest Solutions
Milkweed Purple Cone Flowers Black Eyed Susan Blue Asters

7 Steps For Starting Your Pollinator Garden

  1. Plan your garden beds. Pick an area that matches the levels of sun/shade your garden will need.
  2. Prepare your soil. Test the soil, till the earth, optional: fertilizer, mulch.
  3. Invest in gardening tools: shovel, trowel, gloves.
  4. Purchase native plants (without pesticides)
  5. Dig! Pollinators prefer plants grouped rather than spaced far apart.
  6. Plant your seedlings
  7. Enjoy watching your garden grow and hosting pollinator parties.


Want the Bug Girls to Give You a Helping Hand?

Looking for a little help? Contact us! We would love to bee a pollinator resource for your class or group project. We’ve helped to create pollinator gardens: in schoolyards, on children’s museum grounds, and even community outdoor spaces. We have a lot of great pollinator resources through our partners and want to share our love and support for our pollinating friends with you. So don’t hesitate to reach out. Click HERE.

Bug Girls team up with Chicago Girl Scout Troop 25774 to bring a pollinator garden to a public square.



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