Rose Sponsors Nature Museum Chicago’s New Exhibit 🌤☔️❄️

Not only are we SUPER excited that the Nature Museum in Lincoln Park Chicago is open 7 days a week again, but all of us couldn’t be more honored to sponsor our partners’ new exhibit “Weather to Climate: Our Changing World”, which is now on display through next year!! Weather and climate have EVERYTHING to do with bug and rodent populations. There’s something for all ages to learn in this exhibit. Plan a visit soon to check it out!

“Weather to Climate: Our Changing World presents the fundamentals of weather and climate and explains how they are connected. The exhibition connects weather to the science behind global climate changes and explores how it affects human and animal communities around the world.”

“Climate change may seem so complex that individual action may seem pointless. Weather to Climate informs, motivates, and inspires people to discover that every action they take in their own lives can play a role in mitigating the impact of climate change.”

– Nature Museum

The Nature Museum holds a very special place in our hearts


The Nature Museum holds a very special place in our hearts. Rose has been proud partners and sponsors of various exhibits over the last 6 years! We just attended one of our favorite bug-themed events just last month, Bugapalooza! Check out more of what that entailed in this blog post! We believe in helping to educate the public wherever we can when it comes to not only pest prevention, but a healthy balance between humans and nature. Rose and The Nature Museum in Chicago both date back to the mid 1800s. Our missions are parallel. Our partnership has been seamless throughout the years. That is why we could not be MORE excited to sponsor this new exhibit and continue our passion for education!

Check out this awesome video on ‘How Does Climate Change Impact Plants and Animals’!

 We hope you take some time to go check out this awesome new exhibit with friends and family! And make sure to tag us if you do!

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