Encountering critters you’ve never experienced before? Owning a home brings on a million new responsibilities that you never prepared for. And much like purchasing a used car, you sometimes end up dealing with the previous owner’s issues later down the road. We’ve put together a list of common pest-related things that new homeowners run into in hopes of arming you with the tips you need to really enjoy your new digs.

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7 Common Pests New Homeowners Encounter and Why


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If you grew up in the city, you know rats. if you grew up in the burbs, you know mice. Moving from urban to rural can be just as shocking as moving from rural to urban settings. Just know what you’re getting into and know that there are pros like us to help prevent such invasions from happening. It’s just part of life.


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Ants are the most common “pest” insect we see in the Midwest. But there are levels to them. For instance, waking up to hundreds of tiny trailing ants all over come sticky stuff on the counter is freaky, but realizing you have a carpenter ant colony in your window frame is destructively freaky. Not all ants are created equal, so don’t think those bait traps work for the ones in your home. Pushing ant colony pressures back into nature where they belong takes science. That’s what we’re here for.

Stink Bugs

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Homes near rural areas and farm fields are more prone to experience insects like stink bugs, asian beetles, boxelder bugs and cluster flies. These insects are all classified in our world as “overwintering pests”. In nature, these insects live in corn husks, soybean foliage, and other Midwest crops. When farmers cultivate their crops, this displaces these insects, causing them to fly towards the nearest structures for shelter. Many newer construction homes are built in what used to be farm fields, making homes in certain areas more prone to overwintering pest invasions.


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Poor sanitation habits can lead to cockroach invasions. Ask questions about the previous owners. Look for signs. Be diligent about practicing proper sanitation before you move your belongings in and while you live there to avoid this.

Bed Bugs

Rose Pest Solutions Bed Bugs control services

These parasitic insects can hide out for months without a blood meal. So even if a home has been sitting vacant for a few months, don’t think you are exempt from this psychological nightmare of a pest. Know what to look for and be wary of any evidence when you walk through places! Learn more!

Pantry Pests

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Indian meal moths, flour beetles, rice weevils are all pantry pests that tend to invade improperly stored food items. If the previous owners had not-so-tidy housekeeping habits, you may be moving into some residual food pest issues. Bird seed, dog food, spices, cereals, nuts are all attractive foods to these types of pests. So before moving your stuff in, sanitize YOUR way and keep your stuff in sealed containers or zipper storage bags.


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Termite inspections are not required for most real estate transactions and we think that’s nuts. Termites are the most destructive pest our experts encounter on a daily basis. And YES they’re all over Chicagoland and Wisconsin!! [Indiana and Kentucky Homeowner’s insurance does not cover termite damage. And repairs can be so expensive. Get a termite inspection for peace of mind by a certified termite inspector. These are NOT the same as home inspectors!!

Prevention is Key

Our Healthy Home Maintenance Program (HHMP) protects your home 365 days a year against all common household pests (excluding termites, fleas, bed bugs, ticks and mosquitoes). Protecting your home and family is not just our business, it’s our promise. With our home pest maintenance program you have nothing to lose but pests. When you upgrade to HHMP+, you’ll get reliable, continuous protection against insects included in the program, eco-friendly Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System by DOW, and annual termite re-inspections!


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