Winged ants are NOT termites.

In fact, all species of ants grow wings and “swarm”.


An ant is dumb. A swarming colony of ants is intelligent. (More on that later!)


Let’s start with basics…


termite swarmer and ant swarmer resized 600

I don’t expect you to pick up one of these things if you see them in your house and study them ever-so-gently to determine how many segments its body has. Just look at the wings. Remember these two points.

  1. If all four wings are the same length and shape, it’s a termite.
  2. If there are two different wing lengths on the bug, it’s probably an ant!

Now, let’s look at some photos of swarming ants vs. swarming termites.

swarming ants

The ants in the above photo are “swarming”.

swarming termites

The log in the above photo is covered with termite swarmers.


Okay, here’s your quiz…

Flying Ant or Termite?



How about this one? Flying ant or termite?

swarming ants

Now you’re a pro!


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