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First, contact us. Centipedes are nocturnal predatory insects that eat other insects. Much like spiders, if you have a population of centipedes, this more than likely means you have a healthy population of other insects that they’re feeding on.

The centipede and many other common household insects are all covered under our most popular residential program, the Healthy Home Maintenance Program.

How to Identify a Centipede


Centipedes have many pairs of legs. 15-77 pairs to be exact. They always have an odd amount. The centipede has a yellowish to dark brown body that’s worm-like. While their mouths are very small and their eyesight is poor, they have large claw-like structures that contain venom. This is how they attack their prey after tracking it by touch and smell.


Centipedes like areas where there’s a lot of moisture present. They can be found under rotting logs or stones, in trash or piles of grass, in basements, bathrooms or potted plants.


Centipedes feed on other insects.

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After nearly strangling myself with the shower curtain while jumping out of the shower, I called them to schedule an appointment.

“When your biggest phobia in life is centipedes, the last thing you want to see is one of them crawling up the wall while you are in the shower. After nearly strangling myself with the shower curtain while jumping out of the shower, I called them to schedule an appt. The technician showed up the same day, performed an inspection of the interior and exterior, and treated my home. He was very professional and informative, showing me places where insects could get in, and what i could do to prevent them. I would definitely recommend them again for service.”

John T. | Homeowner
Rockford, IL

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