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First, contact us. A boxelder bug problem can get really deep really fast. The key with boxelder bugs is making sure your home is tightly sealed up so they can’t slip into crevices to get indoors. To prevent overwintering pests, seal as many cracks and holes in the outside of your home as possible, especially on the south and west walls where the sun heats the home during the late summer and fall. Make sure that all foundation and attic vents have tight-fitting screens, and check the soffit vents and any turbine vents on the roof. The outside west and south walls of your home near the eaves can be treated if necessary.

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How to Identify a Boxelder Bug


Gray to black, with red criss-crossing stripes on their wings; up to 1/2″ long.


Boxelder bugs usually infest buildings as temperatures drop. Like asian beetles and cluster flies, they congregate on the sunny south and west walls of buildings in late spring and early autumn, attracted to the warmth. They crawl into cracks and crevices on the exterior of buildings and stay there for the winter out of the elements. As temperatures warm up over the winter, some may “wake up” and crawl out to bask in the sun in windows or on walls.


Leaves, flowers and seeds of boxelder, ash, and maple trees.

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“And boy am I glad I did. I have not seen one boxelder bug since!”

“I bought a new house about six months ago. There were boxelder bugs everywhere. I had never thought of calling an exterminator but Rob from Rose Pest Solutions showed up in my driveway one day as the previous owners of the house had their service before and he was coming to spray. I went ahead and let him spray, and boy am I glad I did. I have not seen one boxelder bug since! Rob also explained that if I were to have any problems, to call them back and they would come spray again. I was having problems with Carpenter bees on my back patio and he was back out in one day to take care of the problem free of charge. I highly recommend this company!​”

Renee H. | Homeowner
Pleasant Prairie, WI

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