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First, contact us. The key to controlling fruit flies is finding the breeding sites and removing them by cleaning thoroughly. Some breeding sites will be obvious, like ripened fruit, while others, such as food kicked under the stove, may be easily overlooked. The inspection needs to focus on finding all sites where moist organic matter has accumulated and then removing that matter completely. Fruit flies only live a few days, but will breed rapidly if conditions are ideal. Maintaining sanitation and storing food in the refrigerator will greatly reduce populations.

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How to Identify a Fruit Fly


Tan brown with red eyes; 1/8″ in size.


Fruit flies are attracted freshly decaying, moist organic matter, like fruits and vegetables. Once indoors, fruit flies can find and exploit other potential breeding sites such as poorly maintained trash containers, recycling bins, mop heads, garbage disposals, etc. They may also be found breeding in dumpsters outside and flying into the building through doorways. Because of their small size, many species are able to penetrate ordinary screens.


Ripened fruit or vegetables, or any other fermenting products.

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FAQs About Fruit Flies in Northfield, IL

Where Do Fruit Flies Live?

Fruit flies thrive in warm areas with ample food supply. However, they are not picky. You can find fruit flies living in restaurants, grocery stores, and homes throughout the Midwest. Fruit flies are tiny insects with tan-colored bodies and large, red eyes. However, they are challenging to see clearly because they only grow to be about 1/8in length. They have two wings that allow them to maneuver quickly through the air for food.

What Is the Fruit Fly’s Life Cycle?

Fruit flies have a relatively short lifecycle, lasting about two months or less, depending on the environment. Like many other types of flies, a fruit fly has four distinct stages in its life cycle, which include:

  • Egg – Female fruit flies lay their eggs on their food source. She can produce up to 500 throughout her lifetime, all of which can hatch in as little as 24 hours, allowing fruit flies to reproduce rapidly.
  • Larvae – Once the eggs hatch, the larvae consume as much of the surrounding food source as possible over the next four or five days.
  • Pupa – During the pupa stage, the fruit fly larvae will enter its pupa and begin to develop into an adult fruit fly.
  • Adult – Once the fruit fly emerges from its pupa, it will seek out additional food sources to propagate the species.

When Are Fruit Flies Most Active?

Fruit flies are most active over the summer when outdoor conditions allow them to thrive uninhibited. However, during the winter, you may still notice fruit flies in your home.

Do Fruit Flies Only Eat Fruit?

No. Despite their name, fruit flies consume yeast and fungi in fermented fruit and vegetables. Their attraction to fermentation also makes beer and wine popular with fruit flies. When enjoying the outdoors, make sure to cover up your salads and beer cans to keep these pests away.

Do I Have Fruit Flies In My Home?

If you have fruits or vegetables sitting on the countertop or empty beer bottles in the recycling bin and notice small flies in your home, chances are you have fruit flies. They are prevalent in homes. Our technicians can help with fruit fly prevention services.

Where Do Fruit Flies Come From?

It may feel like fruit flies magically appear in your home one day. However, they are tiny and can maneuver through small cracks in your doorway or windows to enter your home in search of food. You may not even initially notice a single fruit fly in your home. However, as they start to reproduce, you will quickly realize you have a problem.

How Can I Prevent Fruit Flies From Getting Into My Home?

Preventing fruit flies in your home is just a matter of eliminating their food source. Without it, they won’t lay eggs or survive. Here are some ways you can prevent fruit flies from calling your house home:

  • Eliminate Food Waste
  • Clean Drains
  • Seal Produce
  • Wipe Down Surfaces

Do Fruit Flies Bite or Sting?

No. Fruit flies do not bite or sting when approached. In fact, they are not aggressive at all and will simply fly away when approached. They can be challenging to swat because of how fast they fly and their small size.

Do Fruit Flies Carry Diseases?

Despite not being a particularly severe threat, they can carry diseases acquired while feeding. When they land on your fruit or vegetables, they become contaminated. It’s best to rinse fruit and vegetables that have been in contact with a fruit fly to prevent contracting a disease or illness.

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