What is an Occasional Invader?

Occasional invaders are seasonal pests that tend to appear depending on the environment. Seeing one doesn’t necessarily mean you have a problem or an infestation. It just means that little critter ended up where he’s not supposed to be. From stink bugs to mice, these pests are most active in the fall as they seek food and shelter for overwintering. Beetles, Indian meal moths, and rats are additional culprits that may be sneaking your snacks or getting cozy in your wall voids. Click on the occasional invader below for more information on identifying characteristics, diet, and remedies.

Cigarette Beetle Confused flour beetle Spider beetle Larder Beetle
Cigarette Beetle Confused Flour Beetle Spider Beetle Larder Beetle
house centipede Stink Bug Boxelder Bug Asian Beetle
Centipede Stink Bug Boxelder Bug Asian Lady Beetle
Mouse Norway Rat Silverfish
House Mouse Norway Rat Silverfish Fruit Fly


Where Did This Bug Come From?

There’s nothing quite like a random bug in the house to remind you that your abode may not be as tightly sealed as you think it might be. Tiny critters will take advantage of the smallest cracks or crevices to gain a warm place to hibernate over the cold months or be within close proximity of an easy food source. There’s a lot of great information in our Fall 2019 Seasonal Pest Gazette on how to prevent occasional invaders from intruding. Many of the tips are not far off from a good thorough Spring Cleaning. Spending some time walking around the foundation on the outside of your house. Raking back dead leaves and clearing your gutters will work wonders for pest prevention through the Fall and Winter. Do your best to make your home unattractive to pests so that you’re not bombarded with activity in the Spring.

Man cleaning gutters by Rose Pest Solutions

Man cleaning gutters by Rose Pest Solutions

Debunking the Myths

It’s common to hear folks ask “Why do I need a pest service during cold months if everything just dies off at that time?” Quite contrary to popular belief, insects and rodents don’t die off when it gets cold. They seek shelter where they know it’s warm and close to easy food sources; aka YOUR HOUSE. Don’t believe the myths. Trust the experts who know these patterns really well. We’re not trying to toot our own horn, but we are the oldest pest control company in America. We’ve got over 150 years of experience doing what we do best. We can help you!

We Can Get Rid of Your Fall Pests

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