Biting Midge


Biting midges are very tiny flies with distinct patterned wings, ranging from 1-3mm in size. They have piercing, spiny mouthparts that will lacerate skin and cause irritation. Biting midges appear gray or reddish brown when filled with blood.

Other Facts:

The biting midge is known to be a biting pest that can spread diseases and harm humans, livestock, pets, and wildlife.

  • Also called "no-see-ums" and "punkies"
  • Their bites can cause mosquito bite-like reactions or small red marks on the skin
  • Tend to bite at certain times of the day, when the sun is going down
  • Insect repellants containing DEET are highly recommended to protect yourself from getting bitten by one of these biting pests since they are public health risks
  • In backyards and on farms, control methods similar to an application for mosquito control may take place to protect yourself, your pets and where applicable, livestock from potential diseas threats.
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