Clover Mite


Bright red in color; looks like blood when smeared or smashed, not to be confused with the bed bug, 0.5 to 1mm in size.


Clover mites are often confused for blood-sucking insects because of their bright red coloration. They do not bite or eat blood, but are notorious for thriving near vegetation and can infest plants.  They're found mostly on windowsills, on sunny sides of buildings and are drawn to moisture.


Clover mites eat plants.

Clover Mite Control & Prevention

Treatment to the exterior perimeter, especially near shrubs, plants, and bushes will prevent clover mites from gaining access indoors. Avoiding overwatering plants will prevent attraction of these pests. They can stain wood or painted surfaces, so using a vacuum to remove a population is the best method for removal.

We recommend our Healthy Home Maintenance Plan for the control of clover mites and other moisture-drawn pests.

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